chef at home
Reservation modalities:

Bookings should be made at least 3 weeks before the event in order to be able to discuss a detailed menu for no more than 12 persons and to check the equipment available in your kitchen. Bookings
should be confirmed at the signing of the quote by both parties with the indication "as agreed",
and a partial payment shall be paid. "Grain de sel - chef à domicile" could also consider an event for more than 12 persons. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details on this matter.

Commitment of the chef:

He is responsible for the purchase of high quality fresh products, to work out a detailed menu, to ensure serving, and to leave the kitchen clean and tidy. In case of major circumstances outside one's control, the reservation could be cancelled by "Grain de sel - chef à domicile".

Commitment of the customer (client):

the client’s confirmation should be made three days before the event, confirming the exact number
of people so that the incurred expenses could be calculated. The client is response for laying/dressing the table.

Modalities of payment:

For the reservation to be confirmed and in order to be able to purchase the produces, a partial payment of 30% of the order (based on the signed quote) is requested. The final payment will be made at the end of the "engagement" on presentation of the final bill. Cheques or cash are welcomed. However, for the time being, credit cards can not be accepted.

Expenses due to cancellation:

In case of a written cancellation more than 15 days before the event, the partial payment will be reimbursed. In case of a written cancellation less than 15 days before the event, the partial payment
will not be reimbursed. A cancellation of less than 5 days of the event will involve the payment of the full order. Should there be any conflict, it will be dealt with the competent authorities where the enterprise Grain de sel - chef à domicile is located.

Transportation cost:

Further away, it will involve a 0.65€ per km and any high/freeway costs.

Timetable (surpassing of):

Except for particular cases, the last service will take place until 15:00 for lunch and 23:30 for dinner. This will allow the chef to leave the kitchen clean and tidy. Beyond this time, each further hour will be billed at 30 Euros per hour.